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My products were developed after years of offshore fishing from Atlantic waters, to the warmer waters in the Caribbean, and beyond to remote fishing areas all around the globe. After not being able to quite get what I wanted in stores, I developed my lures after much trial and error. All lures are handmade by me, one at a time, from conception to finished product in my shop. I don’t send any lure out the door that I wouldn’t run myself. My name is on it and I proudly stand behind what I make.

Alan Williams Mangler Offshore Trolling Lure
Alan Williams Larry Trolling Lure, Offshore Fishing, Tuna lure
AW Custom Lures FRAT BOY Lure, Marlin Lure
Alan Williams Uppercut Trolling Lure
Alan Williams Custom Lures B.S.B. Scoopface Trolling Lure XL Teaser blue marlin lure
Alan Williams Mangy Pony XL Teaser Trolling Lure
Alan Williams Fat Janet XXL Trolling Lure
Tournament Proven Lures
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Tell your story with images


Alan Williams Custom Lures

Greensboro, North Carolina


Mon - Fri, 10am - 4pm